"Favourite Photo for 2017"

Picture was taken in Penang, Malaysia during a 1 day short visit in early November. It was about 9-10 in the morning, some streets were flooded because of non-stop monsoon downpour the night before. I was walking pass a street-side restaurant, and noticed someone from the eatery feeding the birds. I took out my trusty XA-2 and snapped 2 shots and put it away. When i switched to my FM3a (with a Nikkor 35mm f2.8 ai lens + Kodak Gold 400) and started focusing, there was a loud horn from a car or motorbike moving pass. That’s when I took the shot. I’ve totally forgotten about it, only to be reminded after I got the roll developed.


"Favourite Photo for 2016"

Picture was taken in the early morning, about 8-9am and shot directly facing the sun. I was shooting a Fujica ST705 with a non-working meter, and went about with the sunny 16 rule. Lens was a beautiful Fujinon 55mm f1.8 in m42 mount, and film was a roll of badly expired Fuji Velvia 100F, which was developed cross-processed.